Thursday, 16 November 2017


The dense smog in which we woke up this Tuesday made breathing difficult and realized us that these is a public health emergency situation in North India. People were complaining about the zero visibility on roads and many other health issues like dryness in their throats, coughing, burning sensation in eyes, itchy skin and irritation in nose. The primary sources of smoke are lit garbage, stubble burning, road dust, factories, power plant and vehicles. There’s a major need to take steps to ensure that not only kids are staying indoors but other adults are also careful of the dangerous problems this pollution can lead to.

Dr LalChandani Labs suggesting some ways to escape the harsh air quality that has led to a public health emergency situation:

1. Try to stay inside as much as possible – People, who regularly exercise, shift their workout
sessions indoor for a time being. Schools are already closed for this week and if you can take
work from home option, take that leverage and avoid pollution as much as you can. Avoid
traveling at peak hours when pollution is relatively high.

2. Follow healthy diet and drink a lot of water – To flush off air pollutants that have entered your
body and detoxify your system, drink loads of water and follow a strictly healthy diet. Include
basil leaves and honey in your diet to boost your immune system. Eat jiggery (Gud) as much as
you can to save your lungs from Delhi air now.

3. Use a pollution mask – Buy a pollution mask from a nearby medical store. If unavailable, use a clean cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
4. Keep indoor plants –Keep plants inside and around your house so that the surrounding air is
clean and void of pollutants. This is the most effective way to breathe fresh air.

5. Use public transport or closed vehicles– Avoid using open vehicles to travel such as scooties, bikes, and autos. Take the metro or bus if the distances are far off. Avoid using cars and try car pooling as we don’t want the pollution levels to increase further than they already are.
6. Avoid bursting crackers – Due to any occasion/reason/celebration, no matter how happy or
tempted, AVOID bursting crackers.

7. Try using electric cookers instead of gas – In such circumstances, don’t add anything to the
already worse situation. Hence, using anything electric over anything fuel best is the way to go.


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