Monday, 25 April 2016

Corporate Health Packages from Dr. Lalchandani Labs

Corporate Healthcare relationships will make the world a better place

The healthcare industry has suffered a laggard and the effects are very much conspicuous. Be it industrialists, corporates or the middle class people, each one of them has suffered the wrath of ignorance. While the world continues to suffer, exceptions do exist. Corporate Partnerships being established by reputed Doctors and clinics have opened new doors.

Giant enterprises and established industries have learnt the lesson well and now are seeking opportunities to get into Corporate Health Partnership. The sudden rise in demand needs to be catered well! Corporate Health Packages from Dr. Lalchandani Labs have leveraged the entrepreneurial world with an impressive option. The Corporate Partnership tends to promote good health and a healthy working environment.

Blood donation camps in corporates and educational health talks aim to create awareness and take the industrial world towards a better tomorrow. With the much needed awareness and suitable healthcare package for employees, consumption of granted sick leaves will tend to reduce and also increase productivity.

Why every corporate house must get into corporate health partnerships?

·         They are cheap: Yes! Partnership options will help enterprises save a dime. With increasing number of employees falling sick due to improper lifestyle, inappropriate eating habits, side-effects of pollution and inadequate exercise regime; there’s going to be need of a package that serves all in price of one.
·         Corporate Health Partnerships are not only about cure: Corporates can actually educate their employees about the necessary preventive measures and avoid expensive treatments. Health talks and blood donation camps in corporates will encourage the mindset of Prevention is better than cure.
·         Promotes a sense of security: Hiring the best talent is certainly not the key to success, but retaining them is! With increasing competition, enterprises need to retain hardworking and talented employees. By signing up for a corporate healthcare plan for employees, employer is securing their future and providing a form of protection. Sense of security is amongst the most expensive addictions in this world.
·         Making the world a better place: Health talks and awareness campaigns will not only educate employees about preventive mechanisms but will also provide information related to latest developments and technological advancements in field of healthcare. Such platforms will prepare employees for a better tomorrow. Such initiatives will be able to make a better world by letting people know about the cures for lethal diseases and necessary preventive measures.

Corporate health packages from Dr. Lalchandani labs are the most suitable option for enterprises because of the reputation and competence they hold. Their satchel is eloquently decorated with exquisite achievements and expertise developed over an exceptional stint of time.

Enterprises can not only provide employees with a secure future but also help the world shape up for future. With corporate healthcare plans, Doctors are trying to change the way people look at diseases and stress.

Every enterprise should get into a corporate healthcare relationship with the best labs and ensure a healthy and productive work environment. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Diagnostic Center in Nehru Place, Kalkaji - Dr Lal Chandani Path Labs

“PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE”…  This is the mission we are
trying to root in all individual . Healthy person leads a healthy life,
does the healthy work, resulting to healthy earning, summing to HEALTH

If ever citizen is healthy we will have healthy nation, which will give
more opportunity to expand our work and life style, and better
environment for us and and our family members.It is found that today
more than 70% population are under the threat of various health
problems, which are not observed today, but later in life it turns into
major illness. Hence a regular health check are always advised in
today’s life style.

Today on diagnostic we have found that even the young person below at
the age of 26/27 are suffering from cholesterol or fatty liver problems,
which lead to heart attack or liver failer at very young age.We at
Dr.lalchandani labs have a experience of diagnostics since 1986.

  We specialize in Lab testing, hospital Lab management, Radiology,
corporate health check up, doctor consultant, blood blank and health
talks.When it comes to diagnostics, you need to trust the most
experienced team we have with us. This is the team which has brought us
here since 1986. We provide the 99.9% accurate results of the
diagnostics with latest technology. The result are trusted by all big

We are also in service of providing the end to end tailored services for
hospital, Right from the sample collection to diagnostic and providing
the reports on time.

We do arrange the blood donation camps at various corporate, societies
and youth hangouts, we keep on doing this on demand and also as social
responsibility towards human life.

Pre employee Health Check for your esteem organization can be managed by
us, we give a special treatment to corporate employee register with us.

Health talks and consultancy  by senior and most experience doctors for
better understanding on how to prevent from the major diseases are part
of our regular working.

We are approved by NABL as the assured laboratory for all health
diagnostics. A trust which we bring to you will make you smile always
with best health and great life. Prevent your life from all old and
latest diseases by timely diagnosis’s. Dr.lalchandani

Free Home Collection Anywhere in Delhi CALL:- 80-10-689-689 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Title Trusted Blood Bank Services in Delhi NCR – Dr. Lal Chandani Path Labs

Every life is precious so to save most of the lives at the time of urgency a lots of trusted blood services are in Delhi NCR. It is a upmost part of health care services. Blood banking is a process of collecting, separating and storing blood. Now a day’s standalone blood banks also occur and can be a Govt. holding body or a private body. Blood transfusion service has a vital role in increasing advancement by technology to ensure quality of blood and its product. Even with all of today’s technology, there is no substitute for blood. Someone has to give blood in order to receive blood.
Lal Chandani path lab is also providing a Trusted Blood Bank Services in Delhi NCR. It was founded in 1987. Their centers state an organization or an institution for collection, grouping, cross matching, storage, processing, and distribution of Whole Human Blood or Human blood products from selected human donors. 

The main attributes of their blood bank or transfusion services are:-

•    They have adequate infrastructure and trained manpower. They define the responsibility and authority of management. 
•    Their blood banks are licensed by State Drug Controller and approved by Controller General – (India) and regulated by Drugs and Cosmetics Act and rules there under. 
•    They maintained a detailed standard operating procedure manual, as well as records in a prescribed format. 
•    Well qualified, trained and competent staff is here for leading Blood transfusion services (BTS).
•    Suitable space, environment and equipment to maintain safe and acceptable standards of housekeeping.
•    All materials for blood collection and transfusion are to be sterile, pyogen free and disposable and stored in air conditioned area.

The principal aim of their services believes in that “the life is priceless gift so contribute in a priceless initiative to provide blessed life”. 450ml of blood can save as many as three lives. One out of every three of us will need blood in our life Time. Hospitals predict that the need for blood will increase 5% each year. About 4% of the eligible population in India donates blood. 75% of donors donate only once per year. A person has 5-6 liters of blood in their body so one can donate blood every 90 Days (3 months).Blood recovers the blood very quickly.

By keeping in mind many drastic situations of emergency like accidents, cancer, blood disorders, surgery, pre-mature, pre term babies and many other are warn us to think over to do more blood donations.Red blood cells carry oxygen, platelets help the blood clot, and plasma has specific proteins that allow proper regulation of coagulation and healing.
Procedure for voluntary Blood Donation:-

Pre Donation

    Donor screening
    Donor eligibility criteria
    Deferral criteria
    Medical examination

Blood Donation

    Blood donation procedure

Post Donation

    Rest, advice & refreshment
    Donor certificate, Donor ID card.

The recognized Blood Bank in the name of CPC Blood Bank at Gagan Vihar, Delhi since 25 years. All other Blood banks are open 24 hours and provides following:

1.    Whole Human Blood – In this blood is combined with an anticoagulant during the collection process.
2.    Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBS) – These are red blood cells that have been collected, processed and stored in bags as blood units available for transfusion.

3.    FFP – Fresh frozen plasma unfolds the liquid portion of human blood that has been frozen and preserved after a blood donation and will be used for blood transfusion.

4.    Platelet concentrates by Aphaeresis- The process of donating specific blood components – red cells, plasma or paltelets – is called aphaeresis. It is used for treatment of dengue & cancer patients.

5.    State of the art equipment for cell separation & Aphaeresis.

Their centers are totally dedicated to give their best feedback to serve the mankind. The joy of saving human lives fascinates to visit blood bank centers to get blood at the time of any emergency.It is very safe process and is not harmful for you.

Trusted Blood Bank Services in Delhi NCR – Dr. Lal Chandani Path Labs Blood Bank at Gagan Vihar, Delhi since 25 years. Best Diagnostic center in greater kailash is also provding services in pathology, full body check up , corporate health check up packages, health check up, health packages, women health packages, Digital X-ray, TMT & ECG test, Ultrasound. Dr Lal Chandani blood bank in south delhi ncr.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Best Diagnostic Centre in Greater Kailash, New Delhi: Lalchandani Path Lab Delhi

Diagnostic Centers are basically required for providing effective services to the medical profession or general public. It presents a truer picture of the nature of disease, status of penetration of the disease degree of cure and health of the cellular components of the body.

Our Lal Chandani Pathology Lab is one of the Best diagnostic center in greater kailash, South Delhi. They have been diagnosing the disease suffered by the patient, measuring the quantum of medicines to be provided, quantify the extent of cure effected since 1986. health checkup packages, Full body check up, senior citizen and women health checkups along with many more services like digital x-ray, blood tests, Ultrasound, ECG, etc. They have also founded CPC Blood Bank since 1987 in New Delhi. They have full time staff, quality manager with at least 25 years of experience. The lalchandani path labs chain consists of 5 self sufficient labs and 15 collection centers across Delhi/NCR. They are empanelled for all major panels such as CCHS, DJB, MCD, DDA etc with regular participation in External Quality Assurance Service (EQAS) along with prestigious institutes like AIIMS, Vellore & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Nowadays 80% medical treatment procedures have become highly dependent on diagnostic service to give measured, accurate and effective treatment. Our lab has evolved from visual and observation, tasting of body fluids, primitive testing with basic chemicals and heat to advanced atomic level measurement at present. Our services are approved by a qualified pathologist in India. Our lab is adequately equipped with latest equipment, technology with availability of modern automatic and semi automatic equipments which increase efficiency of output.

Special attributes of our services are:

•    They are providing all routine and specialized biochemistry, Hormone assays, Drug assays, cancer markers, Torch Tests, Elisa T.B., Pap smear and Histopathology studies.

•    Maintain robust documentation, control checks and quality logs as per NABL.

•    Ability to process 1000 samples/hour with same day reporting.

•    Repudiated suppliers such as Johnson, Roche, and Nicholas Primal etc.

Diagnostic service is becoming a vital part of medical services. They minutely obtained the details of patient. Doctors perform even surgeries with utmost precision.  Principal silent features of the best Diagnostic Centre in Greater Kailash, South Delhi are:

•    Reliability – Build trust among customers and make them feel confident.

•    Range of services – Single window solution, Picking and dropping, collecting sample etc.

•    Service Charges – Affordable charges.

•    Service Environment – Building, interior, colors, appearance of service provider, fragrance, cleanliness, hygiene, Noise level.

•    Attitude – Personalized attention, Care, Concern and courtesy, creates customer services.
Their mission is to ensure that the right value is given in right time to the right patient means the test undergo everyday successfully. They set highest benchmarks in quality and expertise. Their network offers end to end solutions on the state of the art machines manned by skilled workforce.
They have earned a mark of trust and quality from National Accreditation board for testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). Working since 28 years with fully automatic machines, they also identify the medical sensitivities to avoid wrong medication and its adverse consequences. They focus on the research and development capabilities of medical process. They are providing preventive

DR. Lal Chandani labs one of the best diagnostic centre in Greater Kailash south Delhi

In today’s hectic life where nobody has ample time to eat, sleep or to care about their daily body needs, people get multiple ailments in their body which can affect their health badly. Many a times, we tends to ignore regular tests or check to ensure, our inner living being is perfect or needs a serious attention. So, we need to gets periodic health check up packages and tests done to ensure a well-being. It is equally important to get our tests done from quality labs and avoid giving our samples to various collection centers. You must be wondering, where comes the role of quality? We are not buying any product that we need to check its ISI mark. We are simply giving our small sample of blood or any other component for that matter and simply want a result out of its testing. But, this becomes are biggest mistakes of life where we for cheap offers and low rate labs and avoid NABL accredited in-house processing labs with latest technology fully automated machines. One such renowned path lab is Dr. Lal Chandani best pathology lab in south delhi which is a very known and famous name in the field of health care services. Dr. Lal Chandani path lab is NABL accredited lab in Delhi NCR since 1986. Here we need to know what NABL is. National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) accredit recognition of the technical competence of a testing, calibration or medical laboratory for a specific task following ISO/IEC 17025:2005 ISO 15189:2007 standards. It is also associated with Asia pacific laboratory accreditation corporation (APLAC).Dr. Lal Chandani path labs offer so many health care services for the every age of peoples. It has health care services for kids, ladies, gents and senior citizens. Dr. Lal Chandani path labs providing us too many other facilities to like free home free sample collection, free report delivery. We can have full body check up profile in a very reasonable price at Rs.2199 only. Complete women health panel at only Rs.1999 and for senior citizen panel at very low price at Rs.999 only.
Dr. Lal Chandani path lab has a full time staff of pathologists well trained technicians and a well experience ranging from 5-25 years. It is a NABL accredited lab in duty since 1986 with fully automatic machines and well qualified staffs. It has ability to poses 1000 sample/hour as well as same day reporting. It is also empanelled with all major panels such as CGHS. DJB, MCD, DDA etc. Dr. Lal Chandani laboratory has their own 5 self-sufficient labs and 15 collection centers across all over Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. Dr. Lal Chandani labs have set a very high standard for their work quality. People come here not only from Delhi, NCR they also comes from all over India. It is a well-known service provider of diagnostic and related health care tests. Dr. Lal Chandani lab offers a broad range tests on blood, urine and other human body viscera. Dr. Lal Chandani lab, a name on which you can rely, a name of trust for diagnostic centre in Greater Kailash south delhi