Thursday, 14 April 2016

Diagnostic Center in Nehru Place, Kalkaji - Dr Lal Chandani Path Labs

“PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE”…  This is the mission we are
trying to root in all individual . Healthy person leads a healthy life,
does the healthy work, resulting to healthy earning, summing to HEALTH

If ever citizen is healthy we will have healthy nation, which will give
more opportunity to expand our work and life style, and better
environment for us and and our family members.It is found that today
more than 70% population are under the threat of various health
problems, which are not observed today, but later in life it turns into
major illness. Hence a regular health check are always advised in
today’s life style.

Today on diagnostic we have found that even the young person below at
the age of 26/27 are suffering from cholesterol or fatty liver problems,
which lead to heart attack or liver failer at very young age.We at
Dr.lalchandani labs have a experience of diagnostics since 1986.

  We specialize in Lab testing, hospital Lab management, Radiology,
corporate health check up, doctor consultant, blood blank and health
talks.When it comes to diagnostics, you need to trust the most
experienced team we have with us. This is the team which has brought us
here since 1986. We provide the 99.9% accurate results of the
diagnostics with latest technology. The result are trusted by all big

We are also in service of providing the end to end tailored services for
hospital, Right from the sample collection to diagnostic and providing
the reports on time.

We do arrange the blood donation camps at various corporate, societies
and youth hangouts, we keep on doing this on demand and also as social
responsibility towards human life.

Pre employee Health Check for your esteem organization can be managed by
us, we give a special treatment to corporate employee register with us.

Health talks and consultancy  by senior and most experience doctors for
better understanding on how to prevent from the major diseases are part
of our regular working.

We are approved by NABL as the assured laboratory for all health
diagnostics. A trust which we bring to you will make you smile always
with best health and great life. Prevent your life from all old and
latest diseases by timely diagnosis’s. Dr.lalchandani

Free Home Collection Anywhere in Delhi CALL:- 80-10-689-689 


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