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Depression is a state of mind that travels to an unhealthy and obnoxious way of leading a lifestyle. A person going through this needs help in every way possible from the closed relations. By help, if you stick to offering your shoulder to let the person shed tears, then it is a myth. You have to be ready for more than that as they need constant support and encouragement. It won’t be a task easily doable; it demands to understand and acting accordingly. There are proven ways to help a depressed person.

Five proven ways to help one in depression

There can be many reasons for depression; life, career, health and genetic.

Share Success Stories: Depression is a mental condition that needs the attention of the people living with the person going through it. Depressed people like to float in their small world of thoughts. Spend time with the person and share success stories of your life or maybe lives of others who have eventually come out of such situations. This can be inspiring.
Be all ears: A person going through depression likes to be heard. If you be all ears and spend some of your valuable time with the person, the person tends to feel important. This feeling of importance is a great way in helping one in depression. A good laugh with them can be positive in all aspects.
Stay Positive: Helping a person out who is depressed can take a toll on you as their behavior is unpredictable and you need to be ready for anything that comes your way. As a result, you might lose on your self-confidence. It is, therefore, imperative that you are keeping your mind positive and ready for helping the person. Your positivity should get transferred to the person in need. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Be in constant touch through social media platforms and share funny and motivational videos on WhatsApp, Facebook and get the person involved in social media groups if any.
Get the person encouraged to get into social work: Helping the needy has an amazing feeling that people can dive into and come out fresh. With such shift in focus from the negativity around the person, he or she will be motivated towards the next day and gradually reduce the level of depression that one is going through.
Help them identify their Core Strengths: Strengths can build the mind-power that no one can challenge. A person with depression hovering around can pull down a person from high to low and that can be really difficult in changing the thought process of the person. Spend time and help them identify their strengths. With this, they will have high self-esteem will more to do with life. Strengths are the keys to open the doors of weakness that can be killing every day.

Doing these small tasks for the ones you love can mean the world to them. You will see a gradual change in them, getting over the depression in subtle ways. You will be happier than them, trust me!
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